Tinkling bells, reindeer, elves and their bottoms/legs with red paper mint effects and dropping hails with twinkling lights everywhere… Yes, that is the theme of Christmas. With Christmas around the corner, it is not just the streets and marketplaces that put on their festive wear, but websites as well. That’s right, this year, once again, quite a few of the websites have decided to put on their festive colors and gone all out with a Christmas theme. This includes anything from website banners featuring phrases such as “Merry Christmas” to baubles, bells, mistletoe, or wreath pictures or animations.

With Christmas just around the corner, websites need to look fancy, inviting, and attuned with the themes that are most commonly associated with Christmas, in order to lure in more customers. Let’s check some websites that have gone out of the way to make their interface appear more appealing to its shoppers, shopping for their loved ones, or simply themselves (being a little selfish as it might be). This festival of love and joy brings those who are apart by bringing them together in this part of the year, melting cold hearts with its warmth. Communicating the true essence of Christmas in this chilly winter is led by none other than Starbucks, spreading its warmth. Soothing night sky backdrop with an adorable reindeer was the basic theme of Starbucks (with brown and green as the main color theme), hail and a bell calling out loud “IT’S CHRISTMAS

Next in line is the company without whom verily all our festive are incomplete, rather it can be said our lives would be missing out the sweet and fizzy air, yes, it’s Coca Cola. The company has come up with a very broad theme for its website. They have not only made their interface alive with the colors of the festive, rather the company always had a strong association mingled with the big, jolly old man, white beard and red suit laughing “HO HO HO”. Coco cola has made those strong associations revived with the old puffy jovial Santa Claus. Instead of loading their website with graphics and images, they have revived their old association, which though is said to be one novel strategy for the season, this year.

Another fine example of soft tones oozing elegance is Cocorose London, with a simple and classic Christmas color mix of red and green, modifications in their logo, and soothing hail drops pouring over, giving the website a rich and dynamic edge. This is not only saving customers from the heavy and rich embedding of colors blitzing their eye, rather it makes one wants to stay just a little longer. This pacifying, yet classic outlook of the website this season may end up by making the company earn a little more revenue than expected.

All of the ideas, in particular the concept of the “dressing up” of the website in the time of Christmas, are some really commendable marketing and sales strategies that can help a website owner and managers to really connect with their target audience and give them an insight into how fun the website can get. In the long run, these touches and minor details help a website to connect with its audience on a holistic level.

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