Top Apps On iTunes

Top Apps On iTunes

The Apple App store has always set a benchmark for what apps are in fashion these days, which are no longer needed, and what is the latest app that can help you out or make your life easier. That is not to say that you go about deleting any apps you may already have downloaded or are comfortable using, but how about giving some of these iOs apps a look also? Try them out! Who knows, you will probably just love them!

In the Free Apps category, we have the stables, Instagram, Messenger, and Snapchat. These alone take up the second, fourth, and fifth spots on the Top Ten Free Apps list, here’s how this one looks this week!

Bitmoji  app-development

Described as your personal expression in the form of a cartoon avatar, this is the most popular free iOS app. It is a fun, and definitely very interesting and intriguing way of expressing yourself. The best part, you can link it up and use it on various other apps such as Snapchat.


A great way of sharing pictures and videos with everyone you wish to.

Yu Gi Ohios-developer

Go duel with people half a world away, in real-time, no less! When you play this amazing card game by Konami! The best features of this game include a great lineup as well as ‘pep talk’ from the actual anime version of the game.


With Messenger, you can chat with friends, contacts, and just about anyone you want for free. What more could you ask for?


This is another totally cool photos and videos sharing app that is a must-have for your phone. Download now and start snapping!


Does YouTube need an introduction anymore? Maybe on the App Store, but we know how much we love this video streaming app, don’t we?

Ball Pool

For all those idle moments when you just want to relax with a game of pool, download this Miniclip game from the App Store and play with friends, family, or even some of the world’s best players. Good luck winning!


The world’s most famous social media sharing site without which any top ten list would be incomplete! Seriously though, there is nothing more useful than using Facebook through which you can, at a moment’s notice, find out just about everything about your friends, family, and even distant acquaintances. All you need to do is go online and check your wall. You are connected.

Super Mario Run

Anything with Mario in it and you know you will love it. This has got to be the most famous Italian of them all. The best part, he is totally free in this game here so you can simply download and play the game and relive old memories, or simply make new ones with Super Mario!


Sit back, relax, no wait! Choose a movie first from your Netflix account that you downloaded and get some popcorn first before you start watching all your favorite episodes of Game of Thrones!

If you want your app to reach this list, then how about contacting us at App Socio where we provide you with the pathway through which your very own iOs app development is achievable.

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