Develop Lifelike Games for iOS and Android Platforms

Develop Lifelike Games for iOS and Android Platforms

In today’s era, the mobile platform has become more common than the computer platform, with more games on mobile phones and tablet computers becoming sleeker, smooth, and life-like. Also, worth mentioning is the fact that they are in large demand by avid mobile phone users around the world.

One of the latest games to hit the top charts these days is Super Mario, which is now available on both Android and iOS platforms i.e. the game is available at Google’s PlayStore, Apple’s AppStore as well as other app marketplaces as well. Super Mario Odyssey is the latest game to hit the shelves of Android and iOS users as its release is nearing, but however, there has been news that a fake version of Super Mario has been circulating Google’s PlayStore since September 2016, which has proven to be a malware of sorts and that has stolen data from many unsuspecting consumers.

One issue the Android platform has faced is the overabundance of games that are very bland in terms of graphics and dynamics. Furthermore, bootlegs of many leading games have been posted on Google’s PlayStore which have been able to turn off consumers in terms of tastes and aesthetics. The cover of the game looks good in the store but upon completion of installation (download) from the store, the game looks like a generic Android game that is a rip-off of a classic and that it is aesthetically unpleasant. Moreover, it then hurts the credibility of Android which has more than 100 million customers around the globe and subsequently puts Apple’s iOS-based devices ahead of devices based on Android. Also, some good games on Apple’s AppStore are not free i.e. they come at prices, and that most people are unwilling to pay those amounts to download their desired games. Where could the fault lie when it comes to bootlegged games? What about games with bad aesthetics? The app developers are liable to be at fault but there are quite a lot of android app developers that each country has its own version of basic android apps lacking a lot of aesthetics and potentially a turn-off for many in developed countries.

How to avoid your app becoming something of a turn-off? How to prevent your game from appearing quite generic? The best answer to these questions is App Socio.  App Socio is a trusted developer of software, applications, and websites, and is a trusted app developer for Android and iOS platforms. Check my reference. App Socio has a wide and diverse portfolio of types of Apps and Websites developed for an array of clientele across the world, with a good track record and impeccable quality of solutions, App Socio is the best answer and the best solution to all your app and website development needs. In order to make your concept turn into a lucrative reality, especially in terms of mobile platform gaming where you want your concept of a life-like game to become a lucrative reality, trust App Socio in turning that dream into a reality.

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