Business That Can Double Their ROI This Valentine’s

Business That Can Double Their ROI This Valentine’s

With holidays for plenty, it is always a great idea to custom web design your site to ensure that you use any available seasonal trends to make great sales or even just to build up your reputation amongst a certain segment of your target audience. Or if not that, any number of campaigns may be designed using some form, or other of online advertising. For instance, you could make some great web banners highlighting your Valentine’s Day message or product. Or a company could opt-in for PPC advertising. The more tech-savvy companies have even gone in for designing mobile apps for

With fun holidays such as Valentine’s just around the corner, this is the best time for most organizations to enhance or revamp their social media marketing campaigns and make them more fun, romantic, or simply amazing. The secret is to opt-in for custom web development that has twofold benefits for the product in question; they get to connect better with their customers or clients and increase their ROI all at the same time. So just what can make up a good social media marketing campaign? Here are three great examples to help you understand more about B2C advertising, online, in Valentine’s season.

  1. Revlon mobile-app-design

The popular, women’s cosmetic brand came up with a great way to advertise and make Valentines their very own special treat to the world; by collaborating with Google. They had their very own, personalized, animated, easy-to-share GIF e-card. This allowed users to send their own, personal messages to their loved ones over Valentine’s, making the holiday a more memorable one for Revlon users. All that users need, to get in on this campaign, was to click on one of the Revlon engagement ads being shown on the Google Network or visit Revlon’s homepage. Users could upload personal photograms; choose their favorite lipstick color and watch, as the perfect kiss would be placed on their photogram’s cheek.

  1. and Starbucksmobile-phone-app-development

That however is not the only way in which a successful campaign may be designed. Starbucks and, in another unique B2B, styled campaign, got customers and users together for a first, ‘coffee and conversation’ date. users could reach out to fellow users they might wish to meet and invite them over for coffee at the nearest Starbucks most convenient to both. According to statistics, the hashtag was used 6000 times in 30 days indicating its popularity. What is more, customers could also opt-in for a special ‘world’s largest date’ at a Starbuck outlet on February 13. All in all, an excellent way for people to connect, and for Starbucks and to boost their ratings.

  1. Organic Bouquetcustom-mobile-app-development

A Valentine’s Day without flowers is surely incomplete. A lot of online flower delivery services have changed their website interface to prompt Valentine’s Day and send precious flowers as a symbol of love. However, what makes Organic Bouquet different is its rich and vibrant colors showing love. Their change in the interface has for sure promoted people to send their affection to their loved ones.

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