Valentine Special Custom Web Decorations

Valentine Special Custom Web Decorations

Tweaking a website’s design slightly now and again to mold it to the perception of any particular holiday is a great idea, and this time of the year, tweaking your site’s design to adapt to the Valentine’s Day celebrations just makes your site speak volumes to your customer.


For starters, a custom web design makes customers feel more connected with the brand which is actually alive and awake and aware of what is going on in the world around them and are more than willing to adapt to celebrate local as well as international customs. For another thing, it shows customers that the brand is willing to adapt itself to connect with customers better, and appreciating this idea, most customers will also reciprocate and show more customer loyalty. Then again, seeing some fun web banners on their favorite brand’s site allows customers to enjoy the idea of a particular day or celebration or just some of the great deals you are offering!

Here are some brands that have come up with great ideas for this Valentine!

  • Hershey’s ios-app-development

Not only has one of the world’s most popular brands gone in for introducing a new candy to celebrate Valentine’s, the pink shade banner they have placed on their website, as well as the pink candy wrapper, exhibiting two shades of pink all help Hershey’s earmarks Valentine’s in a way that may not be the most unique, but is definitely fun and will click with customers.

  • Godivaandroid-app-developer

Godiva too has introduced a thin, pink banner under the brown-shaded pictures of a Valentine’s Day special, chocolate box. The shade of pink that they have chosen, along with the brow of the chocolate pictures above, all placed on a white background give Godiva a more vibrant website interface and should really make customers feel happy just looking at it! The customized web banner displayed for the season of love also compels visitors to avail discounts and share sugary love with the sweetness of Godiva chocolates.

  • Starbuckscustom-web-design-company

The Valentine Cup is Starbucks limited edition offering to its customers, works with a complementary card and an app that can be downloaded on your phone. Customers who have downloaded the app may then take a picture of the cup and see how their cup comes to life. The website, portraying this whole scenario will definitely get a lot of traffic as customers go online to check out the ‘Cup-magic’ before visiting the nearest Starbucks to see it in person.

  • Cartierweb-developer-online

The various shades of red displayed on the website, the tagline: ‘How far would you go for love’ all speak volumes for the popular watches and jewelry brand’s Valentine’s campaign. It creates a very interesting user interface and should definitely connect with customers, as well as their romantic sides, and ensure a good campaign for Cartier.

  • Telefloraaffordable-web-designer

Valentine’s, chocolates, and flowers have always gone hand in hand. What better way to celebrate love then, except give out something so beautiful in itself. Around Valentine, however, flowers become very expensive so Teleflora really caters to the right market. Colorful frames with differently arranged flowers give the right touch as they try to connect with consumers on their website!

For sharing your love through the customized website interface on this Valentine’s Day, contact App Socio.

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