Samsung Galaxy S8; A Hit Or A Miss?

Samsung Galaxy S8; A Hit Or A Miss?

Android lovers are over the moon with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and according to them, this is the best phone Samsung has ever made and probably, the best phone ever. Similarly, the Anti-Android brigade does not see Galaxy S8 as anything special, and they believe that Samsung has gone short on the ideas in designing quality phones. We, as neutrals, decided to overview the phone so we can conclude that if Samsung has brought forth a hit or miss. First thing first, will the Samsung S8 explode? Because the last self-proclaimed best phone by Samsung did explode. However, it seems like Android developers have raised their performance and the issues have been addressed, at least, till now.

Why Could S8 Be A Hit?

Samsung S8 comes in two versions, the smaller version S8 with a 5.8-inch display while the bigger one S8 plus with a 6.2-inch screen. There is no such difference (features, design, and camera) between these two versions bar the screen size. The phone is definitely going to cost you a lot of money, but once you put your hand on this peach of a phone, the price tag would be the last thing running through your mind. As per the claims, this phone is indeed gorgeous, polished, and refined, since Samsung has put a lot of investment (time, money, and efforts) to make up for the losses their valued customers had to endure with Samsung Note 7. With its new elegant Infinity Display, users will now have an entirely different view of web pages or high-quality videos. The phone is not as wide as the other phones of the same range, and hence it fits perfectly in your hands and becomes easy to use. Samsung has also integrated a new idea of unlocking your phone as they thought that finger scan unlocking was too mainstream. Now you can unlock S8 with an iris scan or even with your face detection. Capturing photos or shooting videos with S8 is going to be fun as S8 has arguably the best camera in all the current phones. The OS runs so smoothly with the phone, and the users are not facing any lagging issues, as yet. The Android development team also deserves some credit here.

Why Could S8 Be A Miss?

When you think that everything is going well, Samsung can still surprise you. Just recently, there has been a new issue plaguing the user, and this time it is worse than the ‘Red Tint’ on the display screen. Both the S8 and S8+ are abruptly restarting and the users do not have any idea why it is happening. We do not think that it is an application issue since the problem is occurring in the safe mode as well. Check The reasons prompting the crash are unknown, but a phone like an S8 (costing 700+ dollars) should not have such issues in the first place. Moreover, the large screen display, which is adored by many, could turn into a hostile abhorrence or loathness once they realize that many videos would not fit the aspect ratio of the screen. The same goes for the apps as the aspect ratio does not seem to fit many applications (especially games). About time Samsung should start addressing these issues or else they will see their ‘already down market’ going further down.

Conclusively, the fame of S8 is in the balance right now (50-50), but if the issues are not addressed, then we do not think that Samsung would be able to live up to its hype. Android app development also plays a significant role in making a phone hit or miss, and hence we would recommend Android developers to seek consultancy from renowned platforms like App Socio before entering the field.

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