Web Development Trends In The Year 2017

Web Development Trends In The Year 2017

Technology can never remain at a constant level as it keeps evolving now and then. All these technological advancements. and latest trends demand web developers be at the top of their game so they can stay relevant in the market. The demand for web development is sky high, and so is the scope in the market and hence all these developers have the opportunity to showcase their potential by making an effort to reshape the landscape of web development for the year 2017. In this blog, we are going to highlight the areas of development that can be immense in laying a solid foundation for your development career. Have a look at some of the latest trends.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality is the present and the future of technological advancements. VR technology has already started to influence the gaming industry, and it is proving to be a major hit among the masses. The technology has not spread like wildfire as yet, but we expect VR to take over the development sector in the coming years. It is recommended for all the development enthusiasts to invest their efforts in this area as it promises to be a huge payoff in the coming years.

Yarn Package Manager:

The front-end JavaScript experts know how important this tool is. A lot of you would be wondering that Yarn is not the latest trend so why it is on the list? To clear the air, it is important to explain that the newest version of Yarn is gaining a lot of popularity and even the hottest social media platform Facebook is utilizing it to address the issues like performance, consistency, and security. This newly announced version of yarn lets you install, uninstall, update, and configure the code modules more efficiently as compared to the popular NPM and Bower Manager.

Artificial Intelligence:

AI has already benefited the development sector by contributing ideas towards its advancement. AI has played a significant role in improving that Google search engines or identifying and rectifying the damaged article on Wikipedia but still, there is a lot that AI can offer to the web development sector and its developers. The field experts should start exploring the AI in depths by improvising the ideas in a different manner as AI would definitely be the key to present you with an excellent platform to excel.

Motion UI:

The Motion UI works through flexible CSS patterns, and it let the developers integrate animation in their websites. The reason why Motion UI is among the top trends in 2017 is that it adds extra colorful dimensions to your website and as a result, your website becomes more friendly and enjoyable for the users. Motion UI would be another area where developers should invest to achieve fruitful results.

Angular JS:

Angular JS with a new JavaScript framework has been the center of attention for good 2, 3 months now. The word from the center is that Angular JS is meant to receive an update every six months, and hence every developer working on Angular JS will have the luxury to learn something new on a frequent basis. Web developers are in love with it just because it offers unreal compatibility with videos, animation, and static documents. These were the few areas that should be your focus as a successful developer, and you can also visit App Socio to discuss your ideas, or hire developers for your businesses.

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